Phone 615.506.3812 (Nashville, Tennessee)
Phone 502. 262.3917 (Louisville, Kentucky)

Providing turn-key professional organizing services that bring peace and order to your home and office, saving you time, money and frustration.

  • Residential and Corporate Organizing
  • Lifestyle Management.™
  • Whole Home & Lifestyle Assessment
  • New Construction & Remodel Consulting
  • Storage Guide & Home Inventory
  • Move-in Assistance & Move Management
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About the Puka Team

With expertise in one or more organizing specialties, each Puka organizer is an enthusiastic contributor to your project. We are committed to excellence and are founded on integrity and an incredible work ethic. Whether it’s a single room or an entire home, our team of organizers works efficiently and effectively to complete your organizing project.

· Bonded & Insured
· References & Confidentiality Agreements Available

Phone 615.506.3812 (Nashville, Tennessee)

Phone 502. 262.3917 (Louisville, Kentucky)

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What does puka mean? Puka \'pü-kə\ [Hawaiian] 1. n. cubby, opening, space 2. vi. to appear, emerge, come into sight

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