Customer Feedback

"Our goal is to connect people with the best local experts...Clients praise the company for its ability to handle all the issues that arrive with moving, re-organizing, and decluttering homes as well as the quality of its organizing and decorating services."

"I absolutely love working with these ladies. They are efficient, respectful, kind, and go out of their way to help in any way possible. Puka is OUTSTANDING!!!!!" -Houzz review

"I cannot thank Puka enough! It was a very enjoyable day and I love the end result. On this snow day today I have done some laundry and I have actually enjoyed being in the laundry room!! I keep looking for reasons to go in there.  You guys are awesome and I am already plotting my next organizing project!" 

"Fabulous absolutely fabulous!"

"I am thrilled…Beside myself over my office!"

"You are all so amazing! We are more than pleased; we are thrilled! Thanks so much for making it all happen." 

“Chris walked in and was WOWED!  I just walked in there and it looked awesome - all I can say is I feel like I can BREATHE in there now!”

"The girls are here and working like crazy.   I swear your company should be called ANGELS FROM HEAVEN!!!"

"HUGE thanks to you all. This has been amazing and so helpful and I can’t imagine what I would have done without you. You guys are fantastic and I will tell everyone about you (although I know you already have a great reputation in Nashville). You took so much off my plate that even given a year I could never have done what you all did in these few weeks. I am so grateful. Everyone was so nice to work with - SO SO nice and friendly and when working in my home everyone was so respectful and hard working and just seamless that you all seemed to disappear in my house even though there were multiple people here at one time. It truly was a pleasure." 

"You guys are nothing short of AMAZING!   Seriously.    I’ll be forever indebted!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

"You guys were awesome today.  Thank you.  You exceeded my expectations." 

"OMG Look at this! It's amazing. Big smile..... I want to make pictures and show it off like a new grandchild! Thank you!"

"It’s amazing that I’m wearing things (jewelry mainly) that I forgot I owned!  Loving it!  Thanks."

"You all did an amazing job, and we are so pleased!  Thank you for applying your talents and attitude to our mess -- I mean our job -- and making us enjoy walking through that space now, as we do every day.  We are bustling around now, getting off for Thanksgiving in Alabama, but your efforts have made that so much easier.  We take some Christmas presents with us, and the gift wrapping last night was so easy, because I (!) am now so organized in that department!"

"Thanks for the great decorating, it looks wonderful. You all outdid yourselves again!”

"These photos are only a fraction of the super work Claire and her team did. I'm so happy - Puka was the only light and inspiration of what was in many ways the worst move of my life.  Had it not been for PUKA, my mantel, hardwood and artwork would have been destroyed when the roof began leaking. Your team not only went into protection action mode - they became my safety blanket and confidence builder. "

"Very seriously, The benefits of PUKA went far beyond Organization (which I'm now addicted to). The team was literally, 'my home team' when all of the problems surfaced. I will do a formal letter of appreciation - but up front, I'm grateful and blessed that Puka was there for me. "

“Seriously, you guys are my new addiction!”

"I have to share how wonderful it was yesterday evening when I went to order something from Target. I knew right where my target card was and where there was a gift card! I imagine most of the people out there wouldn’t understand how that could be such an exceptional feeling, but my family does and I’m sure you all are used to the difference paper organizing can make in peoples lives. I was even delighted towards the end of my time yesterday looking at a last few papers, and knowing exactly where to put them! Love it! We have so much more to do at our house, and I look forward to your help through each step. :-)"