The Playroom Battle: Keeping Your Organization Sanity

We love to give simple tips that are practical and easy to apply…and let’s be honest, kid’s spaces are the most challenging to keep even the least amount of organization.

We have come across just about every kid’s area you can think of: craft spaces, closets, bedrooms, playrooms, and nooks of all shapes and sizes.

Here are a few bits of wisdom that we would like to pass on:

1.     Keep it simple & broad. We like to call this “top of the funnel” organizing…this means that we focus on the general categories first.

2.     Keep it colorful! Never underestimate the power of a good color-coded system. Who can resist brightly colored labels?

3.     Keep it contained. We all have those last-minute surprise visits by friends, in-laws, neighbors…and we all have that inevitable “ten-second tidy” that ensues shortly after we welcome a surprise guest. Containers that have lids are a blessing from above. In open or visible storage, baskets or non see-through bins are the best way to keep those toys out-of-sight…at least for an hour or so!


Here are a few systems we love for playrooms:


For the high-end, Pottery Barn Kids has some beautiful baskets and storage systems like this one:

In the mid-price range, The Container Store’s Elfa® designs has really flexible and affordable (can I get a hallelujah?!) options, much like this multi-purpose solution:

On the low end of the price range, Ikea has this fun system that is also super can grow and change as your kids move through different phases. 

image via: the homes I have made

image via: the homes I have made

Now it's time to grab some beautiful bins or baskets to finish off your playroom (and train your kids to keep everything in order)!

As far as the organization goes, we happen to know an excellent organizing company that could really help you get your playroom in order…hint hint.

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Happy organizing!

-the Puka ladies