Prepare for a Fresh Start

We kicked off “Move Monday” last week with the first in our new series, The Less-Stressed Move. As a professional organizing firm, we’ve managed more moves than we can count, with more variables and unique life situations than you can imagine. With each move, we add to our repertoire of best practices, and implement new processes, products & ideas.

Last Monday we covered Step #1: Plan in Advance (scroll down to view the article). This week’s focus is Step #2: Prepare for a Fresh Start!

STEP #2: Prepare for a fresh start!

With the right mindset, moving can be the opportunity for a clean slate. This often means paring down, and can only be done by re-discovering every knick-knack, re-gifted gag gift, and souvenir sports towel tucked away in the recesses of the garage, attic, and, yes, the dreaded storage under the bed.  You may find things long since forgotten, and things you don’t remember acquiring in the first place.  In most cases, if you haven’t missed these items before, you won’t miss them in the future.  At one point, you loved your 8-track system and portable CD player, but you have a smartphone now.  And that Gandalf-style wooden staff you found while hiking last year?  It made for a cool Instagram moment, but it doesn’t need to hang out in your new garage.  We love retro music playing devices and Lord of the Rings as much as the next person, but for the sake of moving, let them go.

We're not asking you to throw out everything you own, just to stop and think about what needs to stay, and what needs to go.  But how do you transform full closets and crowded cabinets to a clean slate? Next week in Step #3, we’ll help you formulate a new plan: sort, edit, and execute.

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