You’ve moved out of your old house and into the new, and by now you’re working on emptying as many boxes as possible, so that you can actually see your new floors.  We know that you’re exhausted from the entire move process, but don’t lose steam now!  Finishing this last step will make all the difference in the world.

STEP #6: Organize!

Set up functional systems in your new house, and start forming new habits and routines in an organized way early on.  Don’t wait too long. You don’t want to get used to throwing the clothes on the bedroom floor or digging through pantry shelves to find the snack you’re looking for. It will be harder to force yourself to make changes later.  And please don’t leave storage boxes stacked in the garage.  Remember how you just went through the old garage and attic and cleaned everything out?  Don’t set up for that again.  Get the garage in order with the goal of parking your car inside. You’re starting with a clean slate! Getting organized from the beginning will help keep it that way.  Come the next spring cleaning, next move, or the next holiday decorating season, you’ll be sending a thank you card to your former self.  Just make sure it’s sent to the right address, because no one likes getting someone else’s mail.


For those of you who’ve followed along with our Less-Stressed Move series these last weeks, we hope you’ve found our move preparation steps helpful.  Our goal is always to provide our clients with the smoothest transition possible.  Getting ready for a move, and don’t want to handle it all yourself?  Already moved in and need help with the organizing?  Just give us a shout.  We won’t leave you hanging.