Prepare New Home to Receive Boxes & Vendors

If you’ve kept up with our ‘Move Monday’ posts so far, then by now you know that your old home is all set for the packers and movers to arrive.  You’ve made it across the hurdle, the end is in sight!  It’s time to get that new house ready.

Step #5: Prepare New Home to Receive Boxes & Vendors


It never hurts to double-check and confirm dates, times, and logistics with your vendors.  Check the weather & prepare accordingly.  Determine what items will need to be available the first night you stay at the new home.

Care for Movers

Are you moving in the heat of the summer?  Consider providing the movers cold water bottles and snacks.  If it’s the dead of winter, maybe some hand warmers.  A few signs of goodwill can go a long way.


As much as you try to direct the movers’ foot traffic, it’s likely you won’t be available to give directions as every box and piece of furniture comes through the front door.  Hang signs at the entrance to each room, so that movers will know where to take items.  It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just a handwritten label on a sheet of printer paper will do.  It will help dramatically in making sure boxes are taken to the correct rooms.


When unloading and unpacking, do your best to ensure that the ‘priority spaces’ are addressed first.  Nothing helps a new house feel like home more than being able to sleep in your own bed the first night.  Since you’re proactive and you’ve prepared, you have sheets, towels, and shower curtains that you hand-carried to the new house yourself.  Now, you just need the mattresses and bed frames.

The kitchen comes next, the most essential area to have up and running for you to have a functioning household.  The personal closets and bathrooms are obviously important, but if you’ve prepared a suitcase, they won’t be necessary to unpack the first day.


Boxes = anxiety, so get rid of them.  Open and break down as many boxes as possible.  Not just opening and emptying, but breaking down the boxes makes all the difference in the world.  Designate a spot in the garage to store broken down boxes and packing paper.  Getting as many boxes out of the house, even if the contents aren’t yet put away, will make it easier to find items, and help with stress levels.  Wardrobe boxes in particular are quick to unpack, and it makes a huge difference in how a room feels once they’re out of the way.

Once everything is in the house and the moving truck is gone, you can breathe a sigh of relief.  You made it!  And each box you unpack will bring a little more relief, we promise.  Now there’s only one step left, and it’s the part that we not-so-surprisingly love the most.  Organizing!


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